Episode 114: Joe Schaak + Mary Jo Pehl

Mary Jo Pehl and Jo Schaak join the show to talk about their comedy show Renfest,( ) which is about a women named elisabeth hilariously trying to restore authenticity to a very uninterested crew at a renaissance festival, thats currently looking for funding on kickstarter !

We talk how the project started,improvisation, working on passion projects, the premise of the show and its influences like the office, also differences in american culture, working in LA and ofcourse how Renfest was made as well the kickstarter!! plus working with William Shatner and Shaq cos I am a fan of both and much more more fun conversation!

If you would like to know more info about the series other than kickstarter, you can find it here: I apologise for the sound issues towards the end of this, I officially hate skype right now and i took as much as I could out of post.

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Episode 113: Ryon Day Returns part 2! #3

Part two of our interview with the great Ryon Day (Geek and Sundries Co-optitude) which we did live on twitch. We talk america, the joys of dating, staying healthy, team hooman, streaming on the internet plus much more conversation!! plus we take questions from the audience as well as the people on the geek and sundry forums!! really enjoyed this was super fun!!

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Episode 112: Ryon Day Returns part 1! #3

Ryon Day (Geek and Sundries Co-optitude)returns to the podcast broadcast a couple of weeks ago live on twitch! In part one, we catch up with Ryon over the last year about his life, we debate defining things like geek,his fans Team Hooman, we talk photography and also a little about co-optitude plus much more random talk! we are long lost brothers!


Episode 111: Steve O Driscoll

Steve O’driscoll, author and contributor to our mentally sound radio show, joins Steven and todays co host Ricky to talk the show, mental health, dealing with abuse, and we share fun stories about life!! We also debate friendship, whether dedicating one day to things is a good idea, how to turn your life around, we tease Ricky about being smug about being the permanent co host of mentally sound and to end, Steven tells a story about mentally sound being nominated and how the award ceremony two weeks ago was not all that it seems!!!

Mentally Sound is a monthly award winning show about Mental Health that Geek Apocalypse produces that is also available as a podcast!! So we obvious encourage you to subscribe to both!

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