Kris Roe show

Episode 63: Kris Roe

The dream becomes Reality, Steven interviews Kris Roe from the ataris, Someone who he has listened to for 15 years. They talk outside the think tank in Newcastle about the So long Astoria reunion, touring the Uk, Newcastle as a city, welcome the night, building a set and an update on the upcoming album Graveyard of the Atlantic. All while steven tries not to freak out!

If you wanna hear some new stuff the ataris have made please go to the bandcamp page here

Steven Hesse

Episode 62: hosted-this is a media influenced opinion….dammit!

hosted episode! Wayne And Steven talk about their memories of the ultimate warrior, the media frenzy of Peaches Geldof and their power of manipulation, finding relationships,looking for honesty and Steven being excited to meet one of his heroes!

jane show

Episode 61: Jane Burn

Fun episode this week as Jane Burn Visits the Geek Apocalypse den to talk to Steven about poetry, the gig we shared performing at, NatprowriMo and how everyone should try it , How she started in poetry, how she writes creatively, making the time for things you love, her influences and her upcoming slot at the lowlights tavern on tuesday! epicly fun show!

For more info about NatprowriMO please go here  and for more info on the gig at lowlights the facebook event can be found here! 

co optitude show copy

Episode 60: Ryon Day

Extra episode time! And a brilliant extended show as Steven talks to Ryon Day from the awesome Geek and Sundry show Co-optitude! We talk how the show started, Ryons humble beginning’s with his sister Felicia,his opinion on the geek empire his sister created, the guild,his love of martial arts, his favourite Cooptitude episodes including how the show is made and if thats not all, Ryon answers questions sent in from fans from both our geek communities!! Geeks unite!

If you’d like more info on the awesome show Ryon does on youtube please go to and you can follow Ryon on twitter @ryon_D

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