marty fran ep85

Episode 85: Marty Baker and Fran Houston

wow, one of the best podcasts from start to finish I think weve done! Steven talks to writer, bloggers and skype ambassadors Marty Baker and Fran Houston about their book and website GumOnMyShoe, in which the book is about marty helping his best friend Fran from america even across the pond deal with her bipolar disorder. its the most open, brilliantly honest podcast talking friendships, how to treat people, how you can be friends with people with a mental health issue and also, how mental health is real, and those that live with it are worthwhile, and worth caring about.

i cant tell you how proud I am of this podcast. I sincerely hope it helps you.

you can follow the guys on twitter @gumonmyshoebook and see their website

ep84 wayne

Episode 84: Wayne Madden

A really fun Episode as Steven catches up with his old mate Wayne Madden! we talk yradio, kickstarter, wrestling, the undertaker, how we became friends, the works of Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, leonardo di caprio, star trek and many more tangents! great fun, gonna do more in the future! video version coming soon on our youtube!

you can find Wayne on our twitch channel 9pm till 12pm GMT thursday nights playing xbox one games. he is also on twitter: @WayneGMadden !

Steven Hesse

Episode 83 Special: Matt Dawson interviews Steven Hesse

A very unique Geek Apocalypse Podcast as Steven Hesse, the founder and host, gets interviewed by Matt Dawson from one up gaming podcast. We talk about how the Geek Apocalypse podcast started, my work before Geek Apocalypse started, my career in youth work, branding, twitch, running a business, my thoughts on the internet and I share some exclusive reveals of what im focusing on behind the scenes! huge thankyou for Matt for doing this, it was fun :)


Episode 82: e3 review show with Keiran (kooldude65)

lots happened with e3, some amazing releases, so with us now having a twitch account, games are more important than ever :) so kooldude and I review all the conferences from all the companies, talk about the pro and cons of e3 and what we are most looking forward to *cough unchartered 4 *cough*. Super fun!!!

kooldude is on our twitch monday nights and saturdays! follow us on twitch where we are streaming a variety of games everyday!!

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