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Episode 88: Simon Cordell

Really fun show this week as Simon Cordell from the Engage Podcast joins Steven live on GA’s twitch to talk about their star trek podcast The Engage! We also talk star trek,FCD2016, Next Generation, Voyager, uk podcasting, how Simon met his cohosts and we debate funny stuff about star trek and conventions! its a really enjoyable listen!

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Episode 87: Alec Peters

Really Awesomely great fun geeky episode in which Alec Peters actor, writer, executive producer from Star Trek Axanar joins Steven on the show. we talk star trek franchises, the writing process, how Axanar came to be, the great actors involved (such as the great Gary Graham!), the prelude to Axanar,Alecs history and how you can still donate!

Speaking of Donate, If you’d like to donate to star trek axanar, you can here!

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Episode 86: Wil Ross and David Limburg

Really awesome podcast as David and Wil founders of FCD Events join us live on the podcast! we talk conventions, star trek, building a community, we debate playfully which sci if series are awesome, celebrity guests and ofcourse we talk FCD2016 in Telford 1st weekend of april! plus much more!

to find out more info, you can go to and BREAKING NEWS Geek Apocalypse we will be there helping !!! :) so excited!!!!!!!!!

This was broacast live on 6/8/15! follow us on twitch for more live shows!

marty fran ep85

Episode 85: Marty Baker and Fran Houston

wow, one of the best podcasts from start to finish I think weve done! Steven talks to writer, bloggers and skype ambassadors Marty Baker and Fran Houston about their book and website GumOnMyShoe, in which the book is about marty helping his best friend Fran from america even across the pond deal with her bipolar disorder. its the most open, brilliantly honest podcast talking friendships, how to treat people, how you can be friends with people with a mental health issue and also, how mental health is real, and those that live with it are worthwhile, and worth caring about.

i cant tell you how proud I am of this podcast. I sincerely hope it helps you.

you can follow the guys on twitter @gumonmyshoebook and see their website

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