uk games expo part 2

uk games expo 2014 part two

part two is here! We talk to Chris Birch from Modipheus games, Miles Radcliffe, Chris Bsrrie of Red dwarf fame, Matt Leacock designer of Pandemic, forbidden series and now thunderbirds!! We also talk to richard gallant and finally Henry Jasper!! Super fun show and what a great weeekend it was! As always, huge thankyou to Richard Denning for inviting us and running such a great expo with his team!!!

expo part one

UK games expo 2014 part one

Its UK games expo 2014!! Steven with Drew and Erin return to the biggest board game convention at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham! We talk to Steve Venezia, Richard Aston, Ashley Beardsall, JP, Dave Cousins, Andrew Harmen and Jonathan Rowlands for a double length show! and this is just part 1! Also steven shares some stories in the intro! Really great special show!

huge thankyou to Richard Denning for inviting us and running such a great convention!

Steven Hesse

Episode 67: Hosted Funness!!

This was recorded a couple of weeks ago where Steven and Wayne reminisce about things they grew up watching, differences in technologies and talk all things random that is a hosted episode!! Epic Funness!!

We are off to uk expo so we will see you when we get back!! 2 part podcast!!

Steven Hesse

Episode 66: Mental Health Awareness Special

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week just this past week, Steven shares his battles with manic depression and the struggles and strength of coping with the disorder everyday.

If you want to see the video version of this, please go here 

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